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Kevin Slesinsky

  • ASP.NET MVC / C# / Entity Framework / SQL Server Developer (also WinForms), with eighteen years' experience using various web / object-oriented technologies.
  • Experience negotiating/managing projects and leading small teams (including offshore).

C#/VB/.NET (Web & Windows), ASP.NET MVC, SQL/LINQ, Entity Framework, jQuery/JavaScript/AJAX, Web Services, Kendo web components
Previously used: C, C++, PHP, Java/JSP, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Delphi (Object Pascal), Oracle

FORMAL EDUCATION: 08/91 – 05/95

Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, NY Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, May 1995

Direct Agents
(07/12 – present; New York, NY)
Using Visual Studio 2017, ASP.NET MVC, C#, WinForms, Entity Framework, SQL Server, jQuery, Kendo UI
  • Transitioned to freelance contractor as of August 2018.
  • Consulting on offshore development projects.
  • Maintaining customized internal accounting applications, utilizing both windows and web interfaces.
  • Developed database, ETL jobs and web/admin interface for reporting system.
  • Called various APIs (e.g. Facebook, Amazon, Google Ads) to update stats on a daily basis.
  • Developed a portal for external clients to view reports and graphs of their campaigns' performance.
  • Revamped an external, wizard-based, micro site to use MVC and Entity Framework technologies.
(see detailed descriptions below)
(05/12 – 07/12; New York, NY)
Used Visual Studio 2008/2010, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server
  • Developed a prototype from scratch using ASP.NET MVC 3 and Entity Framework 4.3 for referring patients to pharmacies within a network.
  • Supported a reporting system with a web-based UI for requesting reports and viewing request history, and a console application (Windows service) for fulfilling requests.
LicenseStream / ImageSpan
(08/10 – 03/12; New York, NY)
Used Visual Studio 2008/2010, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, SQL Server, LINQ, Web Services, jQuery, AJAX
  • Development and customization of a web application that allows clients to license images and audio.
  • Enhancement of a web-based tool that allows content owners to track unauthorized use of their content.
  • Experience with agile methodologies and project management for some projects.
(12/09 – 07/10; New York, NY)
Used ASP.NET, VB, Oracle, Object Web Components
  • Developed and updated web-based financial reports for internal use.
  • Obtained Oracle data through complex SQL queries.
  • Used VB.NET to generate pages with browser-based Excel component on the front-end.
United Nations
(04/09 – 10/09; New York, NY)
Used ASP.NET MVC, C#, jQuery/AJAX, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Server
  • Worked on a prototype application allowing users to view international and local data related to the Millenium Development Goals.
  • Developed admin functionality for statisticians to edit data and specify explanations for data discrepancies between sources.
  • Included authentication, user roles and tracking of changes to the data.
Broadreach Group
(10/08 – 03/09; New York, NY)
Used C#/ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web Services
  • Took over and completed a web application for job seekers in the finance industry.
  • Included a console app (managed as a scheduled task) that sent emails to end users, informing them of job opportunities that matched their preferences.
  • Utilized a Web services layer in between the ASP.NET pages and the SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Interacted with end users via email, responding to technical inquiries and fixing bugs.
(07/07 – 08/08; New York City)
  • Developed database-driven web applications for clients of a major advertising/consulting agency using C#/.NET and SQL Server
  • Integrated ASP.NET websites with Base10 content management system
  • Communicated directly with clients as needed, including training
  • Managed small teams of developers for some projects
Kipany Productions
(Spring/Summer 2007; New York, NY)
Used C#/.NET 2.0, SQL Server
  • Wrote Web service functions used by call centers, where telemarketers could enter customer information and the service would generate a sales-lead ID and store the information in a table.
  • Worked on a .NET/SQL Server application to generate and run telemarketing scripts. The script generator was a Windows application that allowed you to add text elements, questions of various types (e.g. free-form, multiple choice), and links. Script elements could be shown conditionally based on answers to previous questions or on customer information. Elements could be used in multiple scripts, where an answer given in a previous script would display if the same question is included in a new script. The scripts were run by the telemarketers via a web browser.
(Winter/Spring 2007 White Plains, NY)
Delivered two projects:
  • The first was a prototype of an online catalogue of Playbills, done in ASP and SQL Server 2005. I created the database structure (with plays, actors, theatres, etc), wrote stored procedures and wrote the ASP code.
  • The second (three month) project was an online catalogue of products for a bakery, including an admin piece. This was done in C# (both Web and Windows) and SQL Server. I developed a strategy for supporting submission and approval of images (including versioning). The image submission piece was web-based, the admin piece was a Windows app and the final online catalogue of products was web-based.
  • I worked solo on the majority of this project except for a small part of the ASP.NET code, which was done by another programmer who I brought in and managed.
(08/06 – 12/06; White Plains, NY)
Used C#/VB, POS for .NET, Web services (API for, JavaScript
  • The project was a Point of Sale windows application with an embedded browser, done in C# and VB (.NET 2.0). The invoices were created through an existing web application running in the embedded browser. Requests and responses were trapped, at which point our application would take over to process the payment and print the receipt, communicating behind the scenes using Web service calls and via HTTP requests/responses.
  • Part of a three-person team, for four months I worked on:
    • POS for .NET code to print receipts to the receipt printer
    • The event-trapping code to communicate with the embedded browser
    • Web service calls to get invoice information / line items to print
    • Other various parts of the program where needed
Mid 2001 – Mid 2006: Tutor, Teacher, and after-school instructor (See Teaching) (acquired by Kaplan)
(10/00 – 03/01; Oakland, CA)
Web Engineer
Used Java, JSP, HTML/JavaScript, WebLogic
  • Developed user-interface prototypes using JSP and Java Servlet programming
  • Interfaced between page designers and back-end programmers
  • Project involved an online service for parents of newborn through teenage children, that would provide custom-parenting advice based on children's individual needs
(06/99 – 10/00; San Francisco, CA)
Web Application Developer
Used Perl, JavaScript/DHTML, in-house template language
  • Developed portions of an online desktop environment that ran entirely within a web browser
  • Created applications to run within the environment, including a newsreader and calendar
  • Assisted customer support team to answer technical questions via email
E-Base Interactive
(10/97 – 05/99; Binghamton, NY)
Used SQL Server, stored procedures, ASP, CGI (in C++), Java applets
  • Created customized web/database applications for clients
  • Worked directly with clients to determine requirements and receive feedback
  • In the predecessor to E-Base (OpenHouse WorldWide), I developed a system to allow parents to check up on their children in daycare centers via the Internet. Created programs for scheduling daily activities of the children, to allow parents to communicate via a message board, and to view scanned-in artwork created by the children.
Ensco, Inc.
(12/96 – 07/97; Owego, NY)
Programmer Analyst (Subcontractor)
Used Object Pascal/Delphi for user interface development
  • Designed and implemented a graphical user interface at Lockheed Martin, Johnson City, NY, for jet engine controller test equipment
Parametric Technology Corp.
(07/95 – 12/96; Waltham, MA)
Software Engineer
Programmed in C
  • Contributed to three successful releases of Pro/ENGINEER, a high-end CAD/CAM/CAE package
  • Enhanced functionality for placing and detailing views of parts and assemblies on technical drawings

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