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Kevin Slesinsky


I offer one-on-one tutoring and homework help, and have taught the following curriculums: Machine Science (robotics) and IMP (alternative math).

Machine Science Robotics

Machine Science offers unique robotics and electronics kits for learners of all ages. Combined with extensive documentation, on-line resources, and other educational materials, these guided projects are suitable for use at home, in the classroom, or as after-school activities.

IMP – Integrated Mathematics Program

IMP is an alternative math program for high school students, which includes group work, presentation skills, explaining your reasoning, and exploring math concepts in real world situations.

The IMP curriculum integrates traditional material with additional topics recommended by the NCTM Standards, such as statistics, probability, curve fitting, and matrix algebra.

Education & Training:

Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, NY
08/91 – 05/95 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, May 1995

San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training
09/00 – 05/01

Completed one year of three-year weekend program
The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training is a three year, week-end program offering a certificate in Waldorf Education.

Teaching-related Experience:

After-school Teacher; Dorchester and Somerville, MA
10/05 – 06/06
  • Taught Machine Science curriculum, including microcontroller programming in C
Teacher; South Shore Charter Public School; Hull and Norwell, MA
08/03 – 06/05
  • High school math teacher, using the IMP alternative curriculum
  • Also taught computer programming, robotics and web development
Teacher; Prospect Hill Academy Charter School; Cambridge, MA
08/02 – 06/03
  • Teacher of computer programming (grades 10-12), algebra (grade 10), and general computers (grades 6 and 12)
  • Collaborated on the development of the school’s website
Long-term Substitute / Classroom Assistant; Cambridge Public Schools, MA
11/01 – 06/02
  • Six-week substitute for 7th and 8th grade algebra and geometry class at the Fletcher/Maynard Academy
  • Assisted in 6th-8th grade math classes at the King School and Fletcher/Maynard
  • Used Connected Math Program as well as creating my own materials for lessons, class work, homework, and tests
Marin Waldorf School; San Rafael, CA
04/01 – 06/01
  • Part-time aftercare assistant, supervising children in first through fifth grade.; Oakland, CA; Web Engineer
10/00 – 03/01
  • Contributed to the development of an online service for parents of newborn through teenage children, that would provide custom-parenting advice based on children’s individual needs.

Volunteer Experience Working with Children:

Friends of Art and Design; New York, NY
11/11 – 05/16
  • Tutored algebra, geometry and trigonometry at the High School of Art and Design, 1-2 days per week at lunchtime and after-school.
HorseAbility; Old Westbury, NY
08/12 – 06/13
  • Volunteered approximately once per week, assisting with therapeutic riding lessons for people with special needs (children and adults).
P.S. 19 Asher Levy School; New York, NY
11/09 – 06/10
  • Assisted in a 7th grade science class, once per week.
Tutoring Plus; Cambridge, MA
09/01 – 12/01
  • Tutored children at a community homework center, and in an after-school program for high school football players.
Cambridge School Volunteers; Cambridge, MA
10/01 – 11/01
  • Assisted students with homework in a high school tutoring center.
HandsOn Bay Area; San Francisco, CA
01/01 – 07/01
  • Tutored children at Hamilton Family Center and St. Joseph’s Village, two transitional shelters for homeless families.
HEROES; Oakland, CA
03/01 – 06/01
  • Assisted in a fifth grade classroom at Hoover Elementary.
Berkeley Youth Alternatives; Berkeley, CA
03/01 – 06/01
  • Tutored children involved in a youth employment program.

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